« I know the Internet was designed to resist integration, designed to resist centralized control, and that design defeated firms like AOL and Time Warner. But firms today, like Apple, make it unclear if the Internet is something lasting or just another cycle. As I discuss in the book, Steve Jobs has the charisma, vision and instincts of every great information emperor. The man who helped create the personal computer 40 years ago is probably the leading candidate to help exterminate it. His vision has an undeniable appeal, but he wants too much control ».


Tim Wu / The New York Times


A l’occasion de la sortie de l’ouvrage ‘The Master Switch’ fin 2010, Tim Wu a eu l’occasion de donner quelques interviews et de faire partager sa vision du droit et des technologies. Il livre notamment ses craintes concernant Apple et sa vision de la liberté.  

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